Lust for life.

My Prokulus. It might sound like a declaration of love, and it is! To the good life. To indulgence, to the lightness of being. At the wellness and family hotel Prokulus couples and family clans will feel equally in their element. An all-round holiday feeling without “either / or”, with no compromises. Colourful fun and games for genuine superheroes. Deep relaxation just for two. Adventure, exercise, children’s laughter. Exclusive tasting sessions in a sophisticated ambience. Plus honest, family-friendly warmth and high-standard, fashionable living. For us there is no contradiction. Quite the opposite! After all, if we set ourselves the goal of conjuring up the perfect holiday feeling, we should set the bar high. Which means only putting the tastiest food on the table, pouring the most sophisticated wine and offering the very best of everything.

One hotel.
Four distinctive features.

Cuisine of the highest standard with our exclusive ¾ gourmet board.
Wellness in grand style: 10 pools, 9 saunas, 7 quiet rooms covering over 8,000 feel-good square metres.
A holiday feeling with no compromises: adults-only areas and kids’ kingdoms for spa-type family holidays.
Fashionable ambience: spacious rooms & suites in a stylish, modern design.