Four hotels.
One heart beat. Enthusiasm for the good life.

Kissed awake by anticipation.

Good food for everyone from the first time the cockerel crows. And let’s be honest... is there a better reason to slip out of your warm nest on a morning than the anticipation of a delicious breakfast abounding with vitality and heroic strength? The full flavour of South Tyrol, the complete pallet of regional variety. Best quality, carefully selected, authentic, honest and frequently home kneaded, stirred and baked. Fragrant bread with a crisp crust, cut straight from the loaf. Dairy products and eggs from the region. Sausages and speciality cheeses with a seal of quality. Plus fresh, sweet, savoury and crisp foods of all kinds...

Four hotels. Two culinary concepts.

As a special holiday extra, two of our hotels offer an all-round service for the sophisticated palate with their 3/4 gourmet board. Here breakfast is just the beginning of a day filled with delicious treats. Breakfast is followed by an enraptured “oooh” at the afternoon buffet, and a happy “mmm” at the choice of evening dishes. Indulgent moments in a classy ambience, or informal with friends at the children’s regulars’ table. Our culinary secret? Grandmother’s recipe book, a regional larder and an international cooking pot. And, of course, the finest wines from the cellar as an accompaniment.

In our two residences gourmets can holiday in complete disconnect from space and time and feast their way valiantly through the cuisine of South Tyrol. At random, from Mediterranean to down-to-earth, and heartily Alpine. Guests will find just what they are looking for in the numerous restaurants, pizzeria, starred kitchens and taverns of the surrounding area.